New Years Resolution

October 13, 2019 _ 8 AM _ JWU Hall AI’ve never really been one to make New Year’s resolutions because no one ever really follows them. Too many people treat New Year’s resolutions as a to do list. That’s not what it is in my opinion. I create a to do list every day because I’m forgetful, but a resolution should be different. The definition of resolution means to act on solving a problem, or to agree to do something or not to do something. I prefer to dead my actions that were ungodly and unproductive to my future. A resolution should be a reflection on the past year what was good, what was bad, and things that you feel you missed out on. A resolution should be a meaningful and deep experience.

January 1, 2017 I was stuck at finding things to resolve. I had to go back months into things that made me upset, situations that were handled wrong, and things that truly hurt me. I had to ask myself how will I not experience this pain again. Then that’s when I came up with a answer.The resolutions that I set for myself is to understand my value. I need to stop allowing people to hurt me for temporary for fulfillment. I need to understand that me being alone is OK. It’s God‘s way of telling me that I need to work on myself. I have an issue with being alone. So I would prefer to ignore signs of failure and put up with foolishness then to be alone. This is no more. In 2018 I plan to put my foot down, and demand the love and respect that I need. If you want to have sex with me then you need to be my boyfriend. No more situationships. If you want to use my line of credit, live with me, or drive around in my car, then we need to be married.

As of 2018, I will stop making it convenient for guys not to go to the next level, because I’ve given him too much in the beginning. God has blessed me with a prize possession and I need to take care of it. One day someone who is worthy of me Will be my husband, and I will be his wife. That’s a godly thing. I will no longer date for temporary fun but for a long-term investment.

I will seek friendships that are consistent. I will no longer allow someone to go in and out of my life when it is convenient for them. The word or phrase for 2018 is no more convenience. No more being used. I am so young and I have so many things To add to my to do list and I will cross all of them off. With or without someone I asked God to hold my hand down his new journey of strength.

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