Inspired by SZA Crtl Album


Im Naomi, Im 20 something years old. Before my relationship I thought I had it all figured out. I was young, ambitious. Confident with myself. Content with being alone. I was happy. Then I met you. I felt like Drew Barrymore in Charlie’s Angel. Falling for a man who made me feel like a supermodel. I know I don’t have the biggest butt or boobs. I snore when I sleep. Gog’s gift to a relationship is safety, being comfortable, and trusting. I did that.

Love, can you say that without knowing the reason behind it. Who cares when you’re happy? Feeling free like doves in the wind. I was will to do anything. I was down for whatever. The weekend was something to look forward to. I would actually wax my legs. Our time was filled with love galore.

Then it came to a halt. She came along a ruined my happiness. She was the 9-5 and I was the weekend. Ever been punched in the stomach? I thought I was your everything. Ever look a liar in the eye and believed them? I cant go back…


Today I feel not good enough, unworthy. I cant feel anything. How can you love broken goods. How will I look if I stay? My man is my man, but her man too. He’s not mine. I was the vanilla cake you ate the weekend after you ate her dark chocolate the weekend before. . I wish I was the type of girl that you were proud of enough to parade around like your queen. Good enough to meet your parents

I needed you for my sanity, to remind me of the old me. I loved you, but you never loved my. I believed you. I needed your support and you kept walking away.

The reinvention:

I had enough of shitty news, I had enough of petty dudes. To many broken clocks represent the time lost, wasted. I hoped that you were the man I wanted you to be. That dream was short lived. Instead you were them. Not special. Don’t think I’m going to walk away and not tell you how I feel. I will hand my feelings to you in a basket with a bow on it. Congratulations, look what you caused?


A better day then yesterday, I just take it day by day. Its still love here, just redirected. All I have left is patience and faith… Hope. Tomorrow:

Pretty little birds hit the windows to you know. But knowing your not the only one who goes through this doesn’t make you feel any better. When the morning comes you look for more answers, you have more questions little birds. How will I fly this morning? Will you reach new heights today pretty bird?

This time next year you wont remember any of this

It’s it amazing what a broken heart can do once it mends itself. PSA to all the ni***s, watch out for the ones who you didn’t mean to hurt. To the pretty girls men are an accessory to the luxury you carry in between your legs. Don’t give up the seat next to your throne if he’s not willing to treat you like a queen. A king is not an easy job. He must work for it. Your dates need to be like prom.

Let him watch from the sidelines while your new man yells Go Gina!

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    1. Hello,

      Thank you for watching. The website is I I didn’t save the links to the vendors, because I brought this stuff a while ago. One of the sellers was futefukesi999. I only buy from venders who have high ratings, reviews, and who have a lot of people buy from them.


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