I had the time of my life here. The people where the sweetest people that you will ever meet. The weather was amazing, but very hot. They said that it was supposed to rain all weekend, but it only rained once for 15 minutes. I plan to travel all over the world and tell you all how to travel on a budget. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort, which means that our food and drinks (alcohol) were included. In total, including airfare, hotel, tips, and spending money I spent $1,400. Each item in broke down below:


Bahamasair– They just started doing direct flight to Houston. Some fares are as low as $250 (non-refundable). Refundable tickets will cost about $1000 one-way. Huge difference. The flight took 3 hours total. They only allow for you to check one bag (under 50lb) in for free. The next bag is $35, and they let you bring one carry on.


Riu Palace Resort

3 Pros:

  1. The drinks were amazing
  2. It was close to the Atlantis so we could walk over, and enjoy their amenities.
  3. The overall aesthetic was beautiful. The entire place smelled like Pine-Sol. Our hotel looked and smelled way better than Atlantis


  1. They don’t offer a credit towards excursions, which was fine. One the beach they offered jet skiing, parasailing, banana boats, and a booze cruise. Hustle hard! We got them to go down almost 60% on the prices
  2. The food was okay. All of Bahamas food was not like wow. Jamaica to me has better food overall. They have a lot of Conch. I don’t care to each that.
  3. 20 minutes or so from Downtown. Taxi’s can get kind of expensive average is about $5 a person, but sometimes you have to pay a $2 toll fee coming back to Paradise Island.

Things to know:

  • July 19-22 is their Independence weekend. They have a festival called Junkanoo. It was so full of life, and an amazing experience. Check out my Instagram for the footage. December 26th is their big festival. I starts at 6 pm.
  • Their money is equivalent to our money. So there is no need to be confused on their currency

What to Pay Attention To:

Do not get in taxi’s that more than one person in it. we almost got snatched twice that way. The drive said “Oh my cousin is in the car.” No! Only the driver needs to be in the car. Real taxi’s have a TN on the license plate, rental cars have SN on the license plate, and regular Bahamian plates are blue.


  • Travel light. Only bring a carry on. You waste time trying to wait for your bags.
  • Bring at least $300 spending cash. That should be enough.
  • Baha Mar was the best resort. To be it was prettier than both Riu and Atlantis. It will run you about $600 a night, but its worth it. The Riu is around $400, and the Atlantis is the most expensive of them all. Baha Mar is closer to downtown and the airport. They also offer excursions that are very unique, such as swimming with nurse sharks.


Hopefully all of this was helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or email me.

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