Christmas Must Haves! (Black Friday Hacks)

With the holidays right around the corner, I thought I might make Xmas shopping a little easier for. Black Friday & Cyber Monday are the two days that I go gift Shopping. Not everything will be on sale but it doesn’t hurt to get a head start. Below are a few ways to REALLY finagle good deals. I normally don’t share this, so feel free to share it.


  1. Create a separate junk email to use just for Black Friday. Why? You know how company offer 10-20% for first time users? That’s why we are creating an email address that we haven’t used already. If the company yo want to shop at doesn’t have any deals… you have one now. (If you already have an account with the company, use private browsing or delete your cookies)
  2. Place items in your cart or wishlist before Black Friday so you can see if the price really changes on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Some companies claim to have sales but it may only be a $% difference
  3. Don’t be afraid to buy stuff and take it back. Be sure to check the return policies to make sure you can take it back.
  4. Sign up for Unidays  to receive students discounts. Sometimes the student discounts are better than the regular discounts. If your not in college, find someone who is and see if they can sign up and send you the code.
  5. Use Ebates so you can get money back on your purchases. Sometimes you can get up to 10% cash back. It really helps if you are a true online shopper.

Don’t Know What to Get your Family for Christmas

The best way to pick Xmas gifts to to get people what they need most. If all else false you can always get gift card’s, but that’s so boring. There are so many Unique gifts out there that are less than the cost of gift cards. Below are my top 20 gifts for Christmas

  1. Books-

My top books are perfect to give to someone as a table or shelf display or to have a good read.

Becoming by Michelle Obama 

Past the B.S.

The Hate You Give

Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It

The 5 Love Languages

2. The Gaget Geeks

3. The IDK, Practical People


Hopefully his was helpful. Check out my YouTube channel for more Hauls, DIY’s, and reviews. 

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